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Freedom Child and Freedom Lost are fictional novels, based on the true realities of child slavery in India today.  

Freedom Child

Freedom Lost

Freedom Lost unfolds as two brothers journey home to freedom. Entrapped in debt bondage-a common form of slavery in India-they encounter new challenges and a form of discrimination they never faced before. Forced to work on secluded farms in Southwestern Karnataka, the two brothers must put aside their differences if they are to find their way back home. They soon discover the horrors of debt bondage and encounter violent prejudice occurring in the neighboring villages, still segregated by caste. The caste system is alive and brutal in India's rural isolation. Amit and Anil must fight for their dignity, their freedom, their survival.

Freedom Lost is compiled of the many interviews with the brave men and women I met during my t rip to Karnataka, India in 2013. 

Freedom Child educates readers about India’s current corruption, poverty, caste system, and bondage system. A heartbreaking tale of two courageous girls trapped in a malevolent maze of modern day slavery in India, Freedom Child will open your eyes to the horrors of slavery that are still occurring in our so-called “modern” society. 

Mukti, a feisty 13-year old, enslaved in a granite quarry in Karnataka, hopes to one day reunite with her childhood best friend Ruchita, whose life is also bound by the greed, corruption, and cruelty of a repressive society. When Mukti meets John, a mysterious American offering her a chance for freedom, she has to decide if she will risk everything and everyone she loves to save her dying sister. Thus begins a dangerous, elaborate journey towards freedom that is tangled and utterly dependent on personal discovery of basic human dignity and self-identity.


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